A collection of stories from survivors of the Killings Fields.

From Darkness to Light

Our Collective Mission

We collect the stories of those affected by the Cambodian Genocide and the voice of the generation that grew up in its shadow, so they are no longer holding it in silence.

We share the stories of a generation passed, so a new generation that may be disconnected, can reconnect and bring that darkness to light.

With these stories, we hope to inspire and educate the world by shedding some light in to the experience of survivors and those living in the shadow of genocide.

Latest News
  • It seems like I have neglected this site this past year, but my resolution is to make a concerted effort to push more stories out. 2016 was a busy one with work life cutting right in to my personal time, causing a bit of imbalance with many things I would like to get done. As […]

  • Happy Khmer New Year | Soursdei Chnam Tmei! This year, our Khmer community in CT is bringing back a big celebration for the Cambodian New Year. Unfortunately, I’ll be missing out on it, traveling out of town. I’m proud that the community has come together in such a way to honor and celebrate for all. It’s […]

  • It’s Spring of 2015, marking some new beginnings as things come to life again. We have been working on a new logo and putting together our new site, along with gathering up some more stories. I’m very excited for Khmer Collective’s new look as we push things forward. Things wills continue to move forward, these […]

  • Sichan Siv, Former U.S. Ambassador to the U.N.

    "Be well, be wise, be worthy. Be flexible and able to adapt to difficult circumstances. Follow your passion. When you do well, don’t forget to do good."
  • Vichet Chum

    "And still, there's only one photo to capture an entire history. That's what I'm trying to understand. I have only a few things to put together what happened to my parents. A movie, a photograph and pieces of stories..."
  • Pete Pin

    "It's the responsibility of young Cambodians to shoulder the responsibility of capturing our stories for generations to come. If young Cambodians don't remember that past then we are the literal manifestation of Pol Pot's attempts to erase Cambodia's history and culture."
  • Dith Pran

    "It is important for me that the new generation of Cambodians and Cambodian Americans become active and tell the world what happened to them and their families ... I want them never to forget the faces of their relatives and friends who were killed during that time. The dead are crying out for justice."
  • Chansoda Roeun

    "As a young child with refugee status, I had no idea what “refugee” meant. I just knew we were not from this country, that we were Cambodians. The innocence of childhood did not allow me to understand what wounds were inflicted to earn that refugee status, and that it all was still very fresh in my parents’ hearts."
  • Bertolt Brecht

    “The first time it was reported that our friends were being butchered there was a cry of horror. Then a hundred were butchered. But when a thousand were butchered and there was no end to the butchery, a blanket of silence spread. When evil-doing comes like falling rain, nobody calls out "stop!" When crimes begin to pile up they become invisible. When sufferings become unendurable the cries are no longer heard. The cries, too, fall like rain in summer.”