A collection of stories from survivors of the Killings Fields.

More Voices in 2017

It seems like I have neglected this site this past year, but my resolution is to make a concerted effort to push more stories out. 2016 was a busy one with work life cutting right in to my personal time, causing a bit of imbalance with many things I would like to get done. As I navigate that, I’m hoping to create more boundaries and dedicate a certain amount of time each month to regularly update here.

2016 was also quite emotional with the news media cycle as more coverage of the Syrian crisis unfolded. I imagined that’s what it was like 40 years ago as the world discovered the atrocities of what had gone on in Cambodia. Watching that and listening to these stories, it’s as if I had gotten a chance to go back in time to see my family’s experience. Unfortunately, this is the present day, and these events repeating itself is no less heartbreaking. The fear dialogue surrounding those running for their lives has compromised our abilities for empathy to see them as human beings, just like us, who desire safety and opportunity to pursue a life of value. So I feel it is more important than ever to gather these stories and share them. Perhaps, seeing life through the eyes and experience of some one else can help us all become a bit more open, change some minds, and move forward with compassion. Our humanity desperately needs it.

I made it here because some one showed us kindness along the way, they opened their doors and created a path where we could pursue a life free from persecution. To me, that has always been America and is the America I know and love. So I would like to dedicate 2017 to helping us become a little less fearful, and maybe a bit more open hearted, by inviting more voices to this website.

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