A collection of stories from survivors of the Killings Fields.

Tuol Sleng Photographs

Outside of Phnom Penh, there is an old high school that was converted in to S-21, the Khmer Rouge’s notorious prison and interrogation center. From 1975-1979, Tuol Sleng may have imprisoned as many as 20,000 people, leaving only a handful survivors.

Today, Tuol Sleng has been turned in to a museum that houses the intricate documents that the Khmer Rouge meticulously kept on their “enemies.” A showcase of the inhumane acts that was inflicted upon innocent lives, as well as thousands of photographs taken of the prisoners who lost their lives too soon, but not before enduring extreme torture that makes you truly question the good in humanity.

The collection of photographs is immensely haunting, people of all ages, who will come to fill the mass graves of Choeung Ek. Their last known existence in this world to be captured in still life.

To view some of these photos, please visit www.tuolsleng.com

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